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June 2021 through June 2022 Catholic Calendar - Free
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IDJC press

parish-tested tools for etc  faith-sharing groups

(where life experience, tradition,

and culture intersect and meet)







and for the individual seeker/disciple/minister/apostle


concise books written or edited by

Stephen Joseph Wolf,

retired parish priest

IDJC bookstore

ETC Faith Books

ETC Faith Books (Experience, Tradition, Culture) are

arranged for six gatherings of a group of ten or so

for growing in faith exploring the intersections of

  • individual personal experience and history,
  • the faith tradition, including sacred scripture, church teachings and history, and
  • the culture in which we live our faith.


Each ETC  Faith Book provides

  • a suggested traditional Christian song,
  • scripture passages to be read aloud while group members follow in their own bibles,
  • narrative exploring a theme and/or the scripture passages,
  • questions to assist reflection and discussion in the group,
  • and a closing prayer.

Most groups meet for 60 or 90 minutes weekly for six weeks.


All ETC Faith  titles are also designed with the individual seeker-learner in mind.


IDJC Prayer books

IDJC Prayer Books  draw heavily on

  • the monastic traditions of praying the psalms,
  • the lectio divina way of praying with sacred scriptures (lek-see-oh div-'ee-nuh),
  • and the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola,

all designed for an individual's time with God,

respecting the basic question for spiritual direction:

LORD, how do you want me to be alone with you?


idjc: Integrating Disciple of Jesus Christ

          or Identity (ID) Jesus Christ,

          or, according to some parish teens: I dig Jesus Christ.







Dear Friends,


After 22 years in parishes, like every parish priest I know, it is my honor to see written on people's faces the desire to draw closer to God.


Whether in a small parish or in one like a megachurch, the Lord calls us into groups of faithful, and where even two or three (or more) are gathered, there he is in our midst (Mt 18:20). Hearing and telling faith stories and listening to the Lord in private prayer are key to maturing in faith.


Thank you for considering these titles for your parish, your faith-sharing group, or in your personal relationship with God.


All God's blessings,


Rev. Steve Wolf

retired parish priest

PO Box 90710

Nashville, TN  37209