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IDJC  Press

parish-tested tools for etc  faith-sharing groups

(where life experience, tradition,

and culture intersect and meet)


ETC to Share the Faith





and for the individual seeker/disciple/minister/apostle


concise books written or edited by

Stephen Joseph Wolf,

former parish priest

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2023 LGBTQ+Catholic Unapproved Calendar - Free
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2022 Catholic Calendar - Free
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ETC 2 Share the Faith

ETC 2 Share the Faith Books

(Experience, Tradition, Culture)

arearranged for six gatherings of a group of ten or so

for growing in faith exploring the intersections of

  • individual personal experience and history,
  • the faith tradition, including sacred scripture, church teachings and history, and
  • the culture in which we live our faith.


Each ETC 2 Share the FAith  Book provides

  • a suggested traditional Christian song,
  • scripture passages to be read aloud while group members follow in their own bibles,
  • narrative exploring a theme and/or the scripture passages,
  • questions to assist reflection and discussion in the group,
  • and a closing prayer.

Most groups meet for 60 or 90 minutes weekly for six weeks.


All ETC 2 Share the Faith  titles are also designed with the individual seeker-learner in mind.


Rainbow Prayer books

Rainbow Prayer Books  draw heavily on

  • the monastic traditions of praying the psalms,
  • the lectio divina way of praying with sacred scriptures (lek-see-oh div-'ee-nuh),
  • and the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola,

all designed for an individual's time with God,

respecting the basic question for spiritual direction:

LORD, how do you want me to be alone with you?


idjc: Integrating Disciple of Jesus Christ

          or Identity (ID) Jesus Christ,

          or, according to some parish teens: I dig Jesus Christ.







Dear Friends,


After 22 years in parishes, like every parish priest I know, it was and continues to be an honor as a baptzed follower of Jesus to see written on people's faces the desire to draw closer to God.


What a blessing it continues to be to share the faith wherever life takes us. Whether in a small parish, in a big ol' church, or in a living room or cafe, the Lord calls us into groups of faithful, and where even two or three (or more) are gathered, there he is in our midst (Mt 18:20). Hearing and telling faith stories and listening to the Lord in private prayer are key to maturing in faith.


Thank you for considering these titles for wherever you are called to share the faith and in your personal relationship with God.


All God's blessings,


Steve Wolf

IDJC Press