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For Faith Sharing Groups, intersections of

                                         Experience, Tradition, and Culture

GOD's ONEs: Living in the Lord
So-What Ponderings for the BAPTIZED
including folks in the Generous Single Vocation

God's Ones is an exploration of what Baptism is about,

(1) One Baptized Into Christ, centered on the Baptism of Jesus where he knows he is the Beloved Son and the archetypes of the soul, leading to our identity as

(2) Lifegiver Priest, (3) Soldier Prophet, (4) Footwasher Royal, and (5) Beloved Lover. The book concludes with (6) Vocation Gifted, around Charisms, God's gratuitous gifts, and our personal vocations.  This is one of the parish-tested ETC-Faith titles by parish priest Stephen Joseph Wolf. 

2017, paperback, 5" X 8", 6 chapters, 111 pages, $7.95


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First Chapter Sample
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The Passion In The Great Story of Jesus is a six-week journey through the Arrest of Jesus, the trial of the Sanhedrin, his judgment by Pilate, the Way of the Cross, the Death of Jesus, and his Burial. For each of these six, the gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are presented in the present tense side-by-side. Each week begins with a song and continues with time to ponder the Comparative Texts, some observations of similarities and differences, questions to prompt discussion and faith-sharing, and a closing prayer to bring a meeting to a close. This is one of the parish-tested ETC-Faith titles by parish priest Stephen Joseph Wolf. 

2016, paperback, 5" X 8", 6 chapters, 103 pages, $6.95


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from celibate observation

Being Spouses is for personal pondering or for couples or groups of 5 to 15 people, with reflections of a parish priest after being haunted for seventeen years of marriage preparation and pastoral counseling by a well-married brother's warning, "You can't know." The six concise chapters are Marriage Sacramentality, The Domestic Church, Permanence, Fidelity, Children, and Intimacy. There are 6 songs using traditional melodies and 18 scripture suggestions. Charts include Stages of a Relationship, a 44-month chapter-a-day Bible reading plan, Human Needs, and a Feelings Vocabulary.

2014, paperback, 5" X 8", 6 chapters, 83 pages, $6.95


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Living the Great Gift of Mercy.

This collection of popular penances of a parish priest is for faith-sharing groups meeting over six weeks, or for an individual reader seeking more creative ways to pray. They include 10 psalms, 22 other scripture passages, a walk to search for beauty, un-telling a lie, remembering one's baptism, a freely done tithe, the immensity and absurdity of sin, 72 tools of the spiritual craft, naming my cross, what's missing, anger the Jesus way, Saint Benedict's 12 steps to humility, the song that makes me say "yes!", the at-hand stretch, the greatest command, to bed one hour early, four or five toward intimacy, the breath of the Risen Lord, and claiming apostleship. The 40 penances are outlined to loosely follow the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, with opening songs and simple suggestions for faith sharing:

a seed planted, a memory provoked,

a question raised, or an action prompted.

2014, paperback, 5" X 8", 6 chapters, 111 pages, $6.95


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TREE  OF  LIFE:  Incarnation, Passion & Glory:

Saint Bonaventure on the Christ Story.

This is Saint Bonaventure's 13th Century collection of 50 short meditations on the Incarnation, Passion, and Glory of Jesus Christ. Following the 1978 Paulist Press translation by Dr. Ewert Cousins, parish priest and spiritual director Stephen Joseph Wolf offers a paraphrase with brush-ink drawings. Tree of Life is arranged for faith sharing groups, with opening songs and simple suggestions for faith sharing:

a seed planted, a memory provoked,

a question raised, or an action prompted.

2012, paperback, 5" X 8", 6 chapters, 99 pages, $6.95


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     Links to for Tunes Used in Tree of Life;

     the link gives you the song for which the tune was first written; click MIDI

     to hear the melody.

              The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came             UNDE ET MEMORES

              All Glory Laoud and Honor                               ST THEODULPH

              Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All                      SWEET SACRAMENT

              At The Name of Jesus                                      ADORO TE DEVOTE

              Ye Sons and Daughters of the King                  O FILII ET FILIAE

              Lord When At Your Last Supper You Did Say    UNDE ET MEMORES  

Pondering Our Faith is revised with the New Creed and offers a six-week review of Catholic faith basics for followers of Jesus the Christ to learn, teach and pray: The New Evangelization, The Church, Sacraments, Vocation, Moral Formation In Christ, and The Sacred. Compiled by Nashville parish priest and spiritual director Stephen Joseph Wolf, here too are a handful of traditional songs, pastoral notes, and questions for reflection and story telling for each week. Pondering Our Faith is for adults, parents and catechists, and helpful for individual study or for groups of 5 to 15 people. Any attempt to articulate the faith will be imperfect, because we are trying to speak about our God.

The narrative of Pondering Our Faith is excerpted with permission from the 2005 document of the U.S. Bishops, National Directory of Catechesis, which drew on input from countless faithful, clergy and lay, in a brave attempt of this generation to articulate the Christian faith.

2010, 2012, paperback, 5"X8", 6 chapters, 105 pages, $9.95

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Twelve Step Spirituality For Christians is a parish-tested introduction to a vibrant spirituality of honesty, designed for personal exploration or in groups of 5 to 15 people. The main goal of this little book is to expose 12 step spirituality to Christians who may not be familiar with it. Behind this is a conviction that our culture, leaning to addiction, is called to be a culture of life, vocation, and freedom. Some familiarity with these 12 steps will most certainly enrich the life and prayer of every woman and man on any faith journey. Stephen Joseph Wolf, the compiler, is a parish priest and spiritual director in Nashville, Tennessee. The six chapters are When I Am Weak, Let Go And Let God, Sick As Our Secrets, Progress Not Perfection, Let It Begin With Me, and One Day At A Time.

2010, paperback, 5"X8", 6 chapters, 75 pages, $6.95

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Anger the Jesus Way is a compilation of conversations and prayer of a parish priest aware of an anger affliction, centered around a story in the Gospel of Mark, the only place where the gospel writers applied the word anger to Jesus of Nazareth. Inheriting his mother's temper, the author has found solace in the awareness that in his humanity Jesus experienced anger, and understanding in the way Jesus models what to do with it. Anger can lead to toxic violence, or it can be where God's compassion touches the need for healing of our core wound. The story is the healing of the man with a withered hand in Mark 3:1-6, a story for all who are made in God's image and called to grow into the likeness of the Risen Christ. The six chapters (The Story, Watched in the Sabbath Assembly, Invited by Jesus, Riddle Silence, Anger-Grief, Turning to Freedom) are used by the author in ministering to groups of parishioners caught in an anger cycle, and includes helpful discussion questions and prayers for experimenting. It is updated from Anger-Grief the Jesus Way published in 2009.

2016, paperback, 5"X8", 6 chapters, 75 pages, $6.95

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God's Money is written for everyone who has from time to time been consumed with either a lack or an excess of money, for all who seek to better understand why we do what we do with money, and how life can be simpler and more real. Drawing on 14 years experience as an accountant and 12 years as a parish priest, the author is a "retired" CPA and Personal Financial Specialist with an MBA and a pastor with a Masters of Divinity. God's Money is the fruit of praying over, wrestling with, and preaching on countless passages on good use and misuse of money in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. He translates Deuteronomy 10:14 ("Think! The heavens, even the highest heavens, belong to the Lord, your God, as well as the earth and everything on it") as simply "It is all God's Money." The second of eight sons of Nashville's best TV repairman and church secretary, the author also draws on the blessed experience of growing up in a household with limited finances. God's Money is designed for faith sharing groups and for individual readers.

2008, paperback, 5.5"X8.5", 6 chapters, 89 pages, $9.95

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Excerpts from God's Money
one page of excerpts
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God's Money Worksheet
This is the 4-page worksheet I used volunteering at Catholic Charities in Waukegan, IL and in Nashville, doing budget counseling for the working poor. It's a little nerdy, but it works.
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Planning My Own Funeral? offers a four-week process for planning one's own funeral, ideally in a group of 5 to 15 people. Designed by a parish priest who considers funerals one of the best ways to evangelize families, this little book helps an adult Christian of any age to pray with courage about his or her eventual human death, and how to be more fully alive now. The book can, of course, be used by an individual. But experience suggests that it is much more fun in a group. The concensus of those in one suburban parish after the four weeks was "We never laughed so much while sharing our faith!" Planning My Own Funeral? can also help the faithful Christian to follow the spiritual advice of St. Benedict: "Keep daily your death before you." It may not be appropriate for those under the age of 25, and those who struggle with conditions such as depression are especially advised to use the book in a group. Enjoy this little immersion in the paschal mystery of Jesus our Christ.

2009, paperback, 5"x8", 4 chapters, 67 pages, $7.95

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